Basic Fees

Home visit (includes consultation/examination): 6000 vatu**
Each additional pet: +2500 vatu

Horse/farm animal visit: 7500 vatu**

Nail clip: +1500 vatu (additional charge if requires sedation)

Anal gland expression: +2000 vatu

Cat castration: +5000 vatu

The following fees are inclusive of visit and examination:

Dog vaccination (C4 and Leptospirosis): 7500 vatu
Dog vaccination (Leptospirosis): 5000 vatu

Cat vaccination (F3 flu and enteritis): 6500 vatu

Puppy vaccination course of 3 injections: 20,000 vatu
(4 injections advised for Rottweiler pups): 25,000 vatu

Kitten vaccination course of 3 injections: 19,500 vatu.

Microchipping (temperature-reading Biotherm microchip and suitable for animals going overseas): 7500 vatu

Euthanasia: from 15,000 vatu (depending on size of animal). Includes sedation if required.

For petsitting fees, please contact Caty for more information.

**PLEASE NOTE: the home visit fee listed above applies during the hours of 8am to 6pm (Mondays to Fridays) and 8am to midday (Saturdays) for central Port Vila, including Elluk, Bellevue, Tassiriki, Numbatu, Numbatri, Colardeau, Seaside and Korman. Additional fees will apply for locations beyond this general area, outside of these hours, and on public holidays.